Principal's Desk- Mrs. sHarda mahajan

“Darkness is in reality the absence of light…You cannot measure darkness. You measure the amount of light present.”
Dear Parents,

In Dhanbad Public School the system of education works as a catalyst in making each child a balanced human being having his core strengths embedded in the learning experiences emanating from our rich socio-cultural roots. Keeping this in mind the Principal’s Club has been initiated. The club aims at improving students’ behaviour, establishing positive teacher-student interactions, promoting home-school relation and above all making children self-disciplined. It gives me immense pleasure to see the paradigm shift in the minds of the children who with poise connect and contribute to the universal vision of “Doing Good.”               
Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if we make the surrounding stimulating and purposeful. We in Dhanbad Public School firmly believe that it is our responsibility to enable the children in our care to develop as a whole. Children explore the treasure chest of inspiring narratives, books, documents, artefacts in the expanse of the peace and tranquillity of the Kalawati Udyan.
To create scientific spirit and enhance the thinking and reasoning power among the young students, exhibitions like ‘Kaleidoscope’ are organized. These make the children creative and inquisitive. The creative geniuses get opportunity to devise projects to solve problems related to daily life. We plan to initiate camps for all the streams Science, Commerce, Arts, and Fine Arts wherein students will get the opportunity to meet the intellectuals of their field and also acquaint themselves to the latest innovations.  
To channelize the creative aspect of the child, the school has initiated vibrant Clubs like the Literary Club, Mathematics Club, Science Club, Reading Club and Health and Wellness Club. These clubs enrich the student community, develop leadership skills and give insight to thoughts and creativity through varied expression.
In future too, in our pursuit to excellence, together we will continue with innovative projects to benefit our children, the leaders of tomorrow.