The application for admission must be filled in the forms provided by the school. No admission will be made until the candidate passes a test conducted by the school authorities. A student who has attended a recognised school previously will be admitted only after presentation of school leaving certificate from that school. If a child is admitted during the month, fees for the whole month will have to be paid.The class to which a child is admitted is decided exclusively by the school on the basis of the child's age, the result of the admission test, and the Principal's interview. The school reserves the right to reject or admit any child notwithstanding anything stipulated in this prospectus.


A clear calendar month's notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu of such notice must be given before a pupil can be withdrawn. Transfer certificates are not issued until all dues of the school are settled.

Students can be asked to leave the school on any of the following grounds:
  • Non-payment of school dues.
  • Stealing the school stationery and using unfair means in examination
  • Found involved in any act of indiscipline or immorality
  • Found involved in damaging school property & any such act that endangers the life of others.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school, especially if he/she is over age for that class.
  • Student should join the school in the new session on the first working day, otherwise his/1" name may be struck off the roll without notice.


Promotion is granted on the whole year's performance of a student, hence the importance of regularity in attendance and work is imperative. Minimum attendance for appearing in annual examination should be 75% or more. Normally, a student will be required to secure 40% marks in every subject to get promotion. Regarding scholarship, promotion orfailure, the Principal's decision is final. REMEDIAL CLASSES To enhance the performance of the students, the school arranges remedial classes. It is compulsory for the students to attend. Otherwise, a fine of Rs.10/-per class will be imposed.


To help promising students whose parents cannot afford to pay the full fees of the school, a few scholarships are awarded:
  • Scholarship is awarded to students according to the merit list of the class in the annual promotion examination, provided they secure an aggregate of at least 75% marks. These are awarded annually, irrespective of the financial position of the parents.
  • Two scholarships are awarded on merit cum-means basis to promising students


A screening test will be held for the students of class X and XII before the filling up of the CBSE form. Only those who are able to secure the qualifying marks will be allowed to fill the form.